The Simcha Difference

Founded by Yehudah Asher (Jerry) Katz, the Simcha Orchestra has provided the very best in Jewish music since 1982. Robby Helperin took over the band in 1993 and instituted a professionalism and technical proficiency rarely seen in Jewish music. Just ask our clients! There’s nothing like experience, and we’ve done over 2700 events, and that’s just since 1993.

The Most Variety To Choose From

It’s your choice! The Simcha Orchestra can play any type of Jewish music you can imagine (as well as an extremely impressive repertoire of American, classical and international music -- see “Music”). We have both the knowledge and experience to meet any musical need.

We Don’t Fake It

Ever heard of a “fake book”? It contains the melody line and basic chords for a song – the minimal information needed for an impromptu arrangement… just enough for musicians to “fake it.” Simcha Orchestra, by contrast, has fully orchestrated (arranged) more than 3,000 songs, which means consistently outstanding depth and musical quality. Our orchestrations let us tailor the size and make-up of the orchestra – the lushness of strings, the energetic pop of horns, or tight beat of the rhythm section – to suit your individual occasion. It’s the difference between building a house from blueprints vs. simply eyeballing it.

Volume Does Not Equal Energy

Ever been to a simcha where the music was so loud you couldn’t hold a conversation, or worse, it hurt your ears? We have, too, and we believe music should never be used as a weapon. So we pioneered several technologies that allow us to lower the volume without losing sound quality or energy. At every event, we check in with our clients and their guests to make sure the volume is just right. We even have a “noiseless band” option, where the entire sound can be turned down with one knob to literally any level, just as if we were on your radio.

We Carefully Assess Your Needs

Whether it’s working within a tight budget or creating that one-of-a-kind dream event, we take the time to listen to what you need. We take a bird’s-eye view of the whole event, with a passion for making sure all the pieces fit together seamlessly. We can even create your own event planning website to guide you through the questions that must be asked to put together a wonderful schedule, from the timing of the dance sets to the serving of dessert. For clients, coordinators, caterers and every other vendor, working with us is a weight off their shoulders, because everything we do is, B"H, very well organized.

How Do We Do It?

The short answer? We’re run by a bandleader who’s always been a full-time musician, holds a music degree with honors from a prestigious university, takes his job very seriously, yet has a blast with our clients. That’s the basis of everything: our quality orchestrations, our unparalleled versatility, our ability to finesse any volume situation and our passionate attention to detail. Let's celebrate!

" Whether intimate gathering or spectacular extravaganza, we will make your simcha meaningful and memorable."