Simcha Orchestra is our dream wedding band. Robby Helperin, you were always there for us at each step of the process. Our wedding was a success because of all your hard work and help. You were more than just a leader of the band. You made our schedule for the wedding day, helped us pick out songs, and emceed our event. You worked with our other vendors to make sure everything went smoothly. You also made time for Jason to go up on stage and play his bass for Samantha.

We loved how you seamlessly played both Jewish music and American music to appeal to our wide range of Orthodox and non-Jewish guests. We were worried about making everyone happy and because of you we were able to do that. We also liked very much how you kept the volume high enough so that we could dance but low enough so people could also talk. Our friends keep telling us what an amazing time they had. They said they couldn’t sleep that night because they were on such a high from it all. We attribute that to you! Thank you for all your hard work, kindness, patience, talent, and for making us so happy on our wedding day!
- S. & J. Mendelson

"Wow" is the only response I have to the performance at my wedding by the Simcha Orchestra! Our wedding was unlike any other. The energy from the band was absorbed by the crowd and resulted in incredible dancing, singing and excitement. My wedding was filled with crowd participation singing on and off stage. One of my friends said, "It was like a rock concert." I could not have chosen better than Simcha Orchestra. There is not a better group of guys to enjoy your special occasion with.
- B. Schwartz

I am so impressed and delighted with the experience we had with the Simcha Orchestra for our son's Bar Mitzvah . Lee was fabulous to work with! He did an awesome job playing just the right songs, interacting with the crowd and keeping everyone involved and happy through the dances, singing, games and yes, that wonderful kumzitz that topped it all off! A special thanks Robby who created a most fantastic itinerary for the evening. They have helped us create a most memorable and unforgettable simcha! We can’t say enough about their professionalism and talent -- everyone raved about them! Thank You!
- Rabbi & Mrs. N. and C. Louie

Robby makes a coordinators job effortless! Such a pleasure to work with you!
- J. Kdoshim, Events Coordinator

Robby will greatly enhance your celebration. His warmth and energetic music will be remembered by you and your guests for many years to come. He sings beautifully and pleasantly. He is a great guy to work with! Enjoy!
- B. Biron

I have been working with Robby Helperin and the Simcha Orchestra for over 20 years on a variety of events and even concerts. The professionalism and quality of this orchestra's work is outstanding. The members of the orchestra are always on time, professionally dressed, and courteous people to work with. They all take their job seriously and put in the work necessary to do a great job every time. I have found that Robby's abilities reach far beyond the standard "Jewish music". His group can play any type of music from Jazz to classical and anything in between. 

The main thing that I like about the Simcha Orchestra is that Robby will listen to the host when it comes to volume. On many occasions I have seen the music dominate the simcha to get the crowds dancing, but with the Simcha Orchestra the crowd is lively without booming music. Tell Robby it's too loud and he will listen and lower the volume, because his focus is to make a wonderful simcha for you, it's not about him. All and all, I believe the Simcha Orchestra is the #1 orchestra in the greater LA area.
- M. Kay

When it was time to chose the music for our son's wedding, we wanted a musician who would work with us on quality of sound as well as type of music. We didn't want any of our guests to have to leave the hall because the music was too loud. Our friend Robby Helperin fit the bill. He specially flew to the East Coast and sang and played with his friend Ari Green's band. As a bonus, he sang the yekkish Shir Hamaalos under the Chuppah, much to the delight of our family.
- Rebitzen J. Cohen, Aish HaTorah

Get your dancing shoes on and call the Simcha Orchestra! Robby and his orchestra brought our son and daughter-in-law's wedding to life, and kept everyone joyously on their feet for hours. Robby devoted himself in the weeks before hand to working with our son, so that the music would be just was he was envisioning. It's not a simcha without Robby!
- R. Kanefsky, B'nai David Judea

Simcha Orchestra is "the" sound you want for your simcha. The music quality,quantity, and true Jewish and multi-ethnic flavors are not to be missed. The music knowledge and the professionalism of Robby at Simcha Orchestra reinforces the simcha and allows you to truly relax and enjoy your simcha with your family and friends.I would sincerely recommend Simcha Orchestra as my choice for your simcha.
- Dr. & Mrs. M. Weinstein

You are so much more organized than the other bands I work for. You've got everything well in hand. Like the way you always give us all the information we need to know -- you're always spot on with the big things like when to show up at the right time and place, but also with the important little details that are usually ignored (like if I need to bring a stand light, or if we'll be playing out in the cold and need to bring something warm so our fingers don't freeze, making it difficult to play well the rest of the night). You're a pleasure to work for. You make it a breeze for us to do a good job for your clients.
- seasoned professional musician who prefers to remain anonymous

" Whether intimate gathering or spectacular extravaganza, we will make your simcha meaningful and memorable."